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Cape Town has such a wealth of attractions that it’s actually quite hard to make the most of them, even when you live here all year. There’s a saying in South Africa; ‘You don’t need a holiday, you need Cape Town’, meaning that the place has the ability to both relax and stimulate you at the same time, all the time. Almost everybody who visits this place with less than five days to spare vows to come back and is very sorry to leave!



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Parker Cottage in Tamboerskloof, Cape Town offers accommodation close to the V & A Waterfront and is perfectly situated for undertaking one of Cape Town’s exciting day tours to this tourist hotspot.

Day Tours around Cape Town

Day Tours

The Self Drive Tour is the ultimate and most rewarding way to explore, offering almost unlimited freedom, flexibility and a sense of adventure. The Western Cape boasts an excellent road infrastructure which opens up a country away from the city that is filled with natural splendour: completely unspoiled beaches, wine farms, magnificent mountains and wildlife parks.

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Where to eat in Cape Town

Where to Eat

Whether you’re serious about food or not, Cape Town is a place to eat, then drink a bit, and then...eat some more. You’ll be truly amazed at the quality, value and service of our restaurants. We’re not alone in saying that there are few places on the planet where you’ll eat this well for this little. So go wild!

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Walking Tour of Cape Town

Walking Tour

The City Bowl in Cape Town is a truly wondrous thing. Unlike many colonial city centres, it has a distinct lack of the ubiquitous Western chain stores and manages in large part to retain several tiny and very specialized shops,eateries, galleries, theatres, hotels and bars that would simply not survive in a pressured rental environment in a modern industrialized city.

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Hiking in Cape Town

Hiking in Cape Town

Unlike most cities in the world, it’s not only possible but really advisable to hike in the centre of Cape Town! At weekends and evenings, locals don their walking boots, running shoes or get on their bikes to explore and exercise all over the local area.  And this doesn’t include walking in central Cape Town, which is a different subject entirely.

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